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  • Talk. Heal. Change.™

    Talk. Heal. Change.

    Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, or feeling held back by past experiences? Do you feel like something is missing in your life or that you need to make important connections or breakthroughs to live your life more honestly? Do you feel stuck in the past, afraid to live your life, or lack of motivation? Do you feel like low self esteem or insecurity are holding you back? Are there unresolved issues in your relationships with your parents or your partner? 

    Like most things in life, getting started is the hardest part. If your search for a therapist or counselor has led you to this page then you are probably ready to start therapy. Give yourself permission to take the next step and call or email me now to schedule a free phone consultation. 

    I work well with couples experiencing relationship roadblocks, adults seeking clarity and fulfillment, college students looking for direction, and adolescents learning to adjust to new challenges. We will form a partnership to find change, peace of mind, well-being, and happiness. I will be there with you for professional guidance and support as you work to improve your life. I have worked with clients from all walks of life. 

    Therapy should not be a one size fits all approach. We will work together to understand you as an individual to come up with a plan to help you that is tailored to your personality and needs. 

    Regardless of the letters after a therapist’s name, if there is no connection, then you may not get the most from your time and effort in therapy. I strive to engage clients from the start and remain a partner on your path forward. My style is conversational and relaxed. 

    My practice is 100% video or phone at this time. I was experimenting with this format before Covid hit, and my experience with working with clients via video during the last 14 months has proven to me that this method is just as high quality as in-person therapy. There are even some added benefits. Clients tell me that not having to drive in traffic and find parking before and after therapy has reduced stress, saved money, and has given them added time in their busy schedules. Clients have also told me that they have appreciated being able to engage in therapy from spaces of their own choosing. My focus on the experience of my clients is my highest priority and if I felt that I couldn’t get the same or better results from video therapy versus in-person therapy then I wouldn’t do it. I feel confident that video therapy provides all of the benefits of what clients look for when they seek me out for therapy.

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    About Me

    Psychotherapy doesn’t have to be boring or feel like work. My goal as a therapist is to have a great conversation with you and try and help make the hard work seem less difficult, feel less painful, and even sometimes make it enjoyable. I view it as my responsibility to use my empathy, experience, personality, and even sense of humor as tools to help you make your breakthroughs in therapy.

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